Caitlin Hoffman - Communications Analyst


After a family trip to Washington, D.C., at the ripe age of 8, Caitlin vowed that she would move to the District when she grew up… and that she did.

Following her graduation from Penn State University, Caitlin promptly began an Internship serving as press intern with the U.S. Senate. It was in this role that she discovered her love of disseminating knowledge to the public.

Caitlin joined the Vox Optima team in October 2018. Her role as technical review coordinator at Naval Sea Systems Command has exposed her to world of the Navy’s public affairs. She has also been able to learn new skills assisting with infographics for ObserverTV, NAVSEA’s digital signage network. She is currently pursuing a master’s in international security at George Mason University to help sharpen her understanding of public and international affairs.

When she is not studying or working, Caitlin is usually hanging out with her dog, taking in a concert in the District, or laughing at a comedy show. In the fall, you can usually find her tailgating at Penn State football games.

You can reach Caitlin via email at: