Crises will strike. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Is your company ready?

Be prepared. Make Vox Optima part of your emergency preparedness kit. When the media storm strikes, you can be ready with the plan we’ll build with you. Just like a working flashlight, first aid kit, and extra supplies, Vox Optima will help you have the tools to navigate any media storm.

Vox Optima has helped commercial and government clients communicate through a wide variety of crisis and risk scenarios - from local issues, emergency management and reputation management to international incidents.

SIMULATION: Realistic, Multiplatform, Secure

Vox Optima specializes in crisis communication for emergency management and military exercises. Our team members are former military and civilian public affairs professionals.  We're print, online and broadcast journalists prepared to simulate realistic and secure crisis communication scenarios.

In recent years, social media has become an essential component for breaking news and crisis communications. And Vox Optima brings a new level of realism to crisis communication training through secure social media simulation.   

Vox Optima is now supporting government and corporate clients with the only comprehensive social media simulation platform meeting DoD and DHS security requirements. With SimulationDeck, injectors, trainers and role-players can experience secure, real-time simulations of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media.

  • Realistic secure online simulations of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and others
  • Can operate on open internet or secure networks, including SIPRNET
  • Each exercise's content is fire-walled from the public and other exercises.
  • Interviews and statements delivered by role-players promulgated through the simulated sites.

No crisis is too big or complex. you just need the right team – Vox Optima.