Dynamic displays for dynamic workplaces.

Employees today are inundated with more information than they can possibly process. The result: emails erased, displays disregarded, newspapers neglected, posters passed by, time and money wasted.

So how do you reach your internal audience? By offering them your message when and where they are most receptive…in the cafeteria, in line at the ATM, in a waiting room, or any high traffic area.

By using the latest digital signage video displays and dedicated hardware and software, Vox Optima will create for you a tailored multimedia solution that sends your message like a laser directly to an eager audience.

With the digital signage network in place, Vox Optima assist clients as needed for successful implementation into an integrated communications solution. Services include staff training and content creation, to include video production, live streaming, photography, graphic design and use of Vox Optima Studios in National Harbor, MD.