Jason Tross - NATO Strategic Communications Resident

Jason Tross

Trusted and proven. Engaged and explorative. If it’s communications, Jason’s likely done it – and probably somewhere cool (no pun intended). He’s earned a reputation as an outside-the-box thinker who “gets it,” doing more with less and making it fun.

Jason began his career 20 years ago as a Navy photojournalist before taking his Navy public affairs experience to the outdoor sports industry. As a writer and editor based in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and later the Pacific Northwest, he covered all things snow sports in North America. As a Seattle-based PR pro, he built brands and communications strategies for the industry’s premier companies.

Jason reenlisted in the Navy Reserve while earning his communications degree at the Evergreen State College, before commissioning as a public affairs officer in 2011. Since then, he’s led public affairs exercises across the Navy’s Pacific Fleet area of responsibility, working with more than a dozen nations. In December 2017, he completed a six-month deployment as press officer for NATO Resolute Support in Afghanistan.

Jason represents Vox Optima as the resident strategic communication expert at NATO’s Joint Force Training Center in Bydgoszcz, Poland. He leads and trains international PAOs heading to some of NATO’s most dynamic and delicate missions – including Resolute Support Afghanistan.

His current gig is the perfect storm – combining his passion for communicating, travel, and adventure. Growing up between New Jersey and New York, Jason puts his “New Jersey driving” to use on the neighboring Autobahn chasing winter storms across the Alps.

You can reach Jason via email at jason.tross@voxoptima.com.