Joint IED Defeat Organization – Video Production


The Joint IED Defeat Organization (JIEDDO) is responsible for promoting mental toughness and resiliency within U.S. military personnel deployed to combat theaters.

This diverse audience required a unique approach to develop communication products with resonance.

The client’s primary targeted audience was junior officers and enlisted personnel typically assigned to patrolling field units. This younger audience  is digitally oriented, frequents social media networks and tends to take greater risks. The secondary audience JIEDDO focused on was the senior officer and enlisted leadership personnel responsible for the management and well being of the younger audience.

Vox Optima was tasked to develop a series of five to six video productions, running no longer than 12-15 minutes designed to impact these important audiences.

The client also needed short video “elevator speeches” suitable for mobile device presentations that promoted the new medical technologies developed by JIEDDO partners to reduce or reverse the effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI)


Vox Optima developed a video concept involving high-profile NCAA football coaches. Vox Optima worked with the coaches and their staffs to develop a nationwide production plan that achieved the client’s goals.

Vox Optima developed key JIEDDO themes and talking points about mental toughness and converted them into outlines for the coaches to review. With the accepted outlines, Vox Optima and the NCAA media departments created video script drafts to serve as the foundation for the shooting and post-production crews.

For the medical technology video presentation requirements, Vox Optima’s in-house video production crew coordinated closely with the client and other sub-contractors to document key elements of the technological and medical research being done, conducted on-camera interviews and edited video clips into long, full interview segments as well as short synopses suitable for briefings and short meetings.


Vox Optima successfully completed and delivered the video presentations requirements to JIEDDO. Vox Optima was noted by the client for our creative acumen and professionalism.