Mark Osborne - Senior Communications Director

Mark is a seasoned marketing, communications and sales jack-of-all-trades who only works so he can fish and feed his wife, dog, cat and two daughters (not in that order). Mark’s infinite patience and ability to learn and adapt to the communication cues of everyone around him make him indispensible to Vox Optima’s communication mission.

He’s a former Navy photojournalist and broadcaster with an extensive resume of diverse positions in media and contracting. With Vox, Mark spearheaded communications support for NAVSEA Fleet Readiness Engineering and currently provides on-site program management our NAVSEA Office of Corporate Communications contract.

He’s also an LSU-Shreveport graduate, entrepreneur/owner of a niche custom fishing tackle business, a former sous chef (no, really) and a perpetual pseudointellectual. He wore black when Lou Reed died.