NAVSCIATTS – Event Planning & Management


The Naval Small Craft Instruction and Technical Training School (NAVSCIATTS) is the Navy special boat training command.

The command hired Vox Optima to take on a myriad of large and small-scale event planning duties involved in hosting the Naval Special Warfare Group Four Global Security Force Assistance Symposium, a three-day conference during which the U.S. and partner nations would discuss efforts to develop regional maritime training centers around the world.

Vox Optima was charged with planning all aspects of this complex event, with duties including creating a logo for the conference, ordering all conference giveaways (including shirts and caps), providing permanent decor of the command quarterdeck, organizing lunch and breakfast all three days of the conference, arranging a welcome cocktail party, a dinner at a local restaurant and a formal reception in New Orleans, about 45 minutes away from the command site.

Vox Optima had fewer than 60 days to complete the project, and was able to adapt when circumstances demanded multiple changes of plan.


When the conference attendance ballooned from 50 to 240, Vox Optima had to quickly make substantial changes, including ordering additional materials, changing venues to another city, finding a place for everyone to stay and arranging transportation, all while keeping the client’s budget in mind.

Additionally, because many attendees did not speak English, Vox Optima arranged for interpreters and language interpretive machines.

Vox Optima coordinated press releases before and after the event, provided media training to attendees and a photographer at all events. Vox Optima also produced videos for the command website leading up to the conference and afterward, highlighting key events.


Vox Optima helped the customer stage a successful conference full of interesting and engaging events. Vox Optima received an overall favorable response from the attendees, as well as the SEAL Team Group Four Commodore (the immediate superior in charge of NAVSCIATTS) and his public affairs staff.