NAVSEA Surface Warfare Center Headquarters – Organizational Communications


The Naval Surface Warfare Center Headquarters public affairs office, a relatively new, one-person shop, oversees communications support for 10 separate and autonomous Navy Warfare Center activities – in addition to headquarters. The public affairs officer, needing help to meet demand for services, contracted Vox Optima LLC to provide part-time communications support. This work included news, speech and Web content writing, as well as publication design and research and creation of Web content. Much of the work needed to be completed on very short notice.


Vox Optima provided a locally based project lead to meet weekly with the public affairs officer to review and clarify tasking and set timelines. The project lead divided work among communications analysts with a variety of expertise, depending upon the project.


Vox Optima’s execution of this contract enabled the company to deliver a vast number and variety of communications products to the customer despite the contract limitations. The work demonstrated Vox Optima’s versatility and the diversity of products the client needed. It was an efficient example of marrying client needs to our versatility.