The Navy League Of The United States Hampton Roads Council – Media Relations & Publicity


Navy League Hampton Roads (NLHR) is a volunteer organization whose mission is to support the United States maritime services, including the Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Merchant Marine. The Hampton Roads community boasts the most active and visible chapter of this national organization.

In December of 2007 NLHR hired Vox Optima to manage fundraising, publicity and provide other support in the months leading up to and during the execution of the aircraft carrier USS George HW Bush commissioning ceremony in 2009, a complex and high-profile event the League was supporting.


Vox Optima embarked on a plan for fundraising which included the design and publication of a brochure, coordination of a mailing campaign and a group visit from the state of Nebraska that could have been replicated in other states given more time prior to the commissioning date.

Vox Optima coordinated with the Governor of Nebraska’s office to obtain books by Nebraska authors to stock the USS George HW Bush library, a donation worth thousands of dollars.

Execution of the event included coordination at key sites where distinguished visitors and friends of the Bush family were staying. Vox Optima engineered the smooth reception of high visibility guests while explaining commissioning events. Vox Optima professionals, drawing on experience in public event coordination for distinguished visitors, allowed key Navy League personnel to focus on other issues.

Vox Optima managed media relations for the Navy League during the runup and the event itself. We scheduled numerous interviews for the NLHR officers, developing key themes and providing effective media training.


Vox Optima provided the Navy League with communication support and community outreach to increase donors to the commissioning ceremony and to increase tangible support to the commissioning crew.

Our team seamlessly assisted in potentially sensitive areas where Navy League volunteers may not be trained, such as dealing with distinguished guests and media engagements.

Vox Optima developed and executed an actionable PR plan that was supportable by the Navy League Hampton Roads team, maximizing exposure while limiting their time involvement.