Roy Thorvaldsen - Strategic Communication & NATO Consultant

Roy Thorvaldsen

Roy has 30 years of communications experience at the highest levels, such as being the advisor to top military leadership at the strategic headquarters of NATO for 13 years, and he has deployed for two years on NATO missions in the Balkans. Prior to his NATO and consulting career, Roy was a well-known news anchor on national Norwegian radio and TV. He worked media and communications jobs in six countries, including Belgium and the United States.

For a decade, Roy served as the deputy and later chief of public affairs, and deputy chief strategic communications for NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander Transformation in Norfolk, Va., to include the current U.S. Secretary of Defense, Jim Mattis.

Roy is a Norwegian Reserve public affairs officer with the rank of lieutenant colonel and has served as the chief of plans & policy in the Norwegian government’s crisis communications organization. He has mission experience from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia and Kosovo as chief of media analysis and chief of media operations.

Earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Oslo University, Roy has honed his communications skills with senior strategic communications studies at the U.S. Navy Post-Graduate School in Monterey, Calif.; administered the strategic communications and public affairs courses at the NATO School in Oberammergau, Germany; represented NATO public affairs at senior psychological operations seminars at the Joint Special Operations University at Ft. Walton Beach, Fla.; and is a graduate of the Norwegian armed forces’ UN/NATO international operations staff officer college.

In addition to consulting for Vox Optima, Roy mentors communications students at the NATO School, is a senior lecturer at the Public Affairs Regional Centre in Skopje, Macedonia, and teaches at the Norwegian Reserve Officer Association’s course in psychological operations. He also edits the Norwegian ROA’s magazine, Pro Patria.

Roy is a cross-European citizen, depending on season, working out of Oslo, Norway; Nice, France; and Antalya, Turkey. A passionate hobbyist, Roy loves classic British sports car rallying and can be found zipping around in his 1967 MGB all summer. He is also fond of boating and single malt scotch!

Roy can be reached by email at