University Of Nebraska MBA Program – Media Relations & Crisis Communications Training


The University of Nebraska (Lincoln) College of Business Administration has developed what has become one of the finest MBA programs in the Midwest. The emphasis on hands-on development of skills and focus on entrepreneurship sets them apart from many other institutions.

As strong as the program is, there is no coursework on public relations, crisis communication or strategic communication. MBA graduates leave the program without exposure to these critical areas.

Successful executives are expected to incorporate communication into their business. From communicating with various stakeholders to responding to the media during a crisis, this is an essential skill for a successful executive.


Vox Optima developed a media relations/crisis communication seminar, which was provided to MBA candidates in their last semester before graduation.

The seminar gave the students background on media relations strategy and exposed them to several crisis communication case studies, based on real world examples.

The students were separated into three groups and tasked to tackle a crisis communication challenge.  They were provided a scenario and were tasked to develop communication points to address the crisis.  They then selected a spokesperson and prepared them to respond to media.  The spokesperson was interviewed on tape and the interview was shown to the class and critiqued by the Vox Optima trainer.


The students and professor of this course appreciated the training and provided positive feedback in course reviews and follow up.  Many of the students acknowledged the lack of training in this area and its vital need for business executives and leaders in all industries.

Vox Optima has been asked back every year to continue this program.