United States Fleet Forces Command – Strategic Communications & Media Relations Training


The United States Fleet Forces Command’s Fleet Training Directorate oversees training on both coasts, including East Coast training overseen by U.S. Second Fleet. As part of the Fleet training effort, the command needed communications support to help research and coordinate public affairs efforts on some Fleet training projects.

The command also needed help incorporating public affairs and strategic communications training and assessment into major live and synthetic training events on the East Coast. Training scenarios needed greater realism in this area to prepare commanders and public affairs teams for their roles overseas. As a subcontractor to SAIC, Vox Optima filled this need.


Vox Optima began by providing research, photography and writing services in support of major training events. Personnel role play senior public affairs officials and members of the international media to work with strike group public affairs personnel and senior leadership.

Vox Optima also provides media training to senior leaders and helps assess the performance of public affairs personnel in major events. This training is powered by Vox Optima personnel’s extensive experience serving on senior military staffs in public affairs roles, overseas staffs, military and civilian public affairs staffs, and in military and civilian media organizations.


Vox Optima is a valued member of the Fleet Forces training team, and is working even more closely with training commands that run live and synthetic events for deploying sailors and Marines.

Scenario-based simulated media products – some produced from media training with leaders – have lead to increased scenario realism and effectiveness in exercise development. Increased demand for our training expertise has lead to increased scope of training.