Department of Veterans Affairs – Caregiver Support Campaign Development


The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Task Order 8 (TOPR 8) is part of the Veteran Caregiver Support Program, established by VA to help those who provide care to our nation’s veterans.

TOPR 8 was designed to provide information about available services to caregivers, an immense group that can include not just immediate family members but friends, neighbors or significant others who help provide care to veterans. The new program offers a series of services to caregivers including respite care, physical and mental health care and at-home services.

Vox Optima helped address the challenge of reaching that vast audience in a convenient, informative and useful way.


Vox Optima teamed with prime contractor Burson-Marsteller and other firms to create a communications effort to update and continuously inform caregivers of benefits. As part of this large-scale effort the team launched a new website, educational materials and services including a telephone support line.

Writers at Vox Optima overcame scheduling challenges to provide immediate support, creating content for the website detailing new benefits to caregivers such as the VA’s Caregiver Support Line and writing and researching frequently asked questions (FAQ) for new and seasoned caregivers.

Vox Optima personnel made this complex legal information understandable and easy to find by employing search engine optimization within the new site.

Other Vox Optima creative support included writing catchphrases to launch the VA’s Caregiver Support Line and content for posters, business card-sized handouts, brochures and web banners


Vox Optima created all written content for the new website, brochures and other handouts. Our contributions also included developing creative approaches to get the message out in an easy to understand and visually appealing way.

Both Burson-Marsteller and VA provided positive feedback on our work, which is a cornerstone of this important communications effort.

Vox Optima combined large-scale creative and marketing skills with an understanding of military and veterans issues to help reach the people for whom veterans care is a profound and personal issue.