Were you trained by cats or dogs?

A Facebook friend of mine just posted this Dogs or Cats? video showing how dogs and cats, respectively, train their young. I have both experienced the cat method - a hearty shove off the edge, and the dog method - reinforcement and support. 

Obviously, we all want to be trained by dogs.

Unless, you were trained by cats first.

Cat-like training - "eat what you kill," "OJT," or "survival of the fittest" does build self-reliance and confidence. Unfortunately, if that's all you get early in your career, joining an organization run by social and supportive dogs can be an unpleasant surprise. You feel like you don't need the assistance or support and may wind up alienating your colleagues and superiors by declining it.

I still fight the impulse to refuse help when offered and it is a hallmark of my 40's that I have finally learned to actually request it. 

I think the right personnel development program encourages both approaches. I'd sure be interested in some feedback (gasp! I mean, advice) on what works when, and why.