Want to put points on the board quickly, DoD? Engage a small business.

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News / Getty Images

Need some outside help for your military organization? Is it a finite project? Does it need to be completed in six months, not awarded six months from now? Is your budget less than $150K?

Please call me (703-624-7980). You can get this done. Easy-peasy. 

Small businesses love this type of consulting project work. It's good revenue for us and lets us get to know your organization. And we're really easy to get to. Vox Optima can help you with all things communication, including strategy, branding, assessment and audit, media and presentation training and full digital production services.

Not in the market for strategic communication products and services? I happen to have over 1,000 connections on LinkedIn and a really nice contacts list of other small businesses. I'd love to help my small business partners and colleagues get some work.

Generally, any requirement costing less than $150K* can be purchased under Simplified Acquisition Procedures. Your small business specialist can help you navigate the process and help connect you to the contracting office. You may even be able to use a purchase card for the procurement.

In just five months' time, the Department of Defense has opened its first office in Silicon Valley. Five months into a consulting engagement with a small business and you will have a strategy, a POA&M for execution, and deliverables.

*Need to spend more than $150K? No worries! You can sole source contracts to a service-disabled veteran-owned firm valued up to $3.5M.