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Growth is great, right? Sometimes, companies grow right past the products and services they started out with. And then it's hard to explain what exactly your company does.  Merritt and Gary will explore the importance of building the right kind of brand for your business and why such efforts are marathons, not sprints.  They will also be talking with award-winning CEO Maria Proestou of DELTA Resources as she shares some approaches DELTA used in its re-branding efforts to move the company from its original financial management brand to better reflect its new program and project management and information technology services.

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Maria Proestou

This Week's Guest: Maria Proestou is the President and Chief Executive Officer of DELTA, which she co-founded in 2000. In addition to guiding the company’s growth and development, Proestou oversees quality control and serves as an expert on the Navy’s strategic planning, budgeting, and program management. She is one of only a few financial contractors qualified to work alongside the Lean/ Six Sigma experts to implement the NAVSEA Lean/Six Sigma practices. Proestou is a frequent speaker on issues related to defense contracting and the workplace.

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