The Brand Ambassadors - Crisis Communication Part One

Crises will strike. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Is your company ready?

Gary Potterfield welcomes Paul Rhynard to Vox Optima's National Harbor production studios for episode 3 of  The Brand Ambassadors .

Gary Potterfield welcomes Paul Rhynard to Vox Optima's National Harbor production studios for episode 3 of The Brand Ambassadors.

Gary Potterfield and Merritt Hamilton Allen start their two-part series on crisis communication and the impact it has on business -- whether a startup or a large commercial enterprise. 

In the next two episodes, they will discuss why every business needs a communication emergency preparedness kit before a media storm strikes.  They first explore the business organization's goals and objectives and how they serve as the foundation of an effective and responsive crisis communication plan. As the discussion progresses, your hosts then look at who will be the face and voice of the organization and how they must interact with the media, your stakeholders and the general public.

No strangers to crisis communication, Merritt and Gary have helped many commercial and government clients overcome crisis and reputation management situations, whether they were local issues, emergency management events, or international incidents.

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.

Paul D. Rhynard, managing partner at Shawn Douglas Communication

This Week's Guest: Paul D. Rhynard has spent the last 22 years performing real-world planning, issues management, crisis media relations, disaster response and risk communication. He has led communication efforts during dozens of natural and human-caused disasters, communicating health and safety information to affected stakeholders via community outreach and traditional and digital media.

He has served as a principal federal spokesperson at the national level and in markets such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Miami, and Washington, D.C. – conducting hundreds of TV, radio and print interviews. He is a certified instructor who has logged several thousand hours delivering crisis management, media and joint information center training to members of the U.S. national response community; oil, gas and cruise ship industries; and public information officers from all branches of the U.S. armed services and allied military members from 16 nations.

The managing partner at Shawn Douglas Communication, he helps lead the Norfolk, Virginia-based crisis and emergency risk communication (CERC) consultancy in providing crisis communication contingencies to the energy, maritime and government sectors that can be implemented immediately for response to any critical incident, that are compliant with any government-led response, and that are compatible with any industry-led operation.

Paul can be reached at Twitter and LinkedIn.

Image: Vox Optima