The Brand Ambassadors - The Beer Show

The Brand Ambassadors -- The Beer Show

In this episode, Merritt and Gary take a deep dive into branding campaigns that everyone can get behind - beer! Joining them is beer advertising legend, Bob Lenz, who created the famous sunset “Miller Time” campaign for Miller High Life Beer and the even more popular “Tastes Great, Less Filling” campaign for Miller Lite, which ran for 20 years and established the light beer category in the U.S. It has been voted to be the 8th best campaign in advertising history. 

Also weighing in on the beer episode is Vox Optima executive consultant, Jeff Bender, who joined Vox Optima after a decades-long Navy public affairs career, and more importantly, a foray into craft beer marketing. On the beer episode, Jeff will help listeners learn about building global brands and microtargeting marketing for local craft products.

Oh, and we'll be learning a lot about beer!

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.

This Week's Guests:

Bob Lenz

Bob Lenz: Growing up in the Chicago area, Bob began drawing & painting while in high school at Arlington Heights Illinois. He occupied his free time on weekends & summers by entering local & storefront art shows. This lead to studying Fine Art at the University of Illinois.  

He left Illinois after graduation in 1961 to start a job as an assistant art director at one of the largest ad agencies in New York City, McCann Erickson. At McCann he climbed the typical ladder of success & by 1977 he was Creative Director of the New York Office. There he created the hugely successful campaigns for Miller High Life and Miller Lite. In 1979, Bob and four others left McCann Erickson to set up a new agency, Backer & Spielvogel. Starting in a hotel suite, Backer & Spielvogel eventually took up six floors in the Chrysler Building. Eventually, Bob picked up the paintbrush again. Showing, painting, printing and teaching, Bob has established himself as a widely respected representational artist in both CT and NY. He displays his work at

Jeff Bender

Jeff Bender: Jeff Bender is a retired Navy Captain and public affairs officer. He has had a wide range of assignments to include deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, an aircraft carrier PAO and the public affairs officer for the Navy SEALS, just to name a few.

While stationed in Nebraska, Jeff started exploring the craft beer world. So much so that when he retired from the military in 2013, he went on to work at the largest craft brewery in Nebraska, the Nebraska Brewing. Every chance he gets, he visits a new craft brewery to sample the latest. His favorite beers include Hefeweizen, IPAs and various wheat beers, but don’t count him out on a good pumpkin ale. Jeff can be reached on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Image: Vox Optima