The Brand Ambassadors - Multimedia and Its Branding Power

The Brand Ambassadors welcome Production Consulting Group CEO, Jeff Waller, to talk about the power of video and multimedia.

Podcasting, video blogs, livestreaming. These are just a few of the multimedia tools available to promote your brand in today's connected world. Join hosts Merritt Allen and Gary Potterfield as they explore the world of multimedia, and the pros and cons of various tools and techniques used to get the word out.

They'll be joined by guest Jeff Waller, president of the Production Consulting Group, a Pittsburgh-based emerging technologies, consulting, video streaming, and media production company. Jeff has worked in all aspects of the multimedia industry, so we'll be asking to outline which technologies are best suited for various communications scenarios and campaign tactics. During our conversation, Jeff will identify the truly effective tech and the kind that just doesn't live up to the hype.

If you've wanted to jump into the world of multimedia for your company or your clients, but were unsure where to start, this is the show for you!

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.

Jeff Waller

This Week's Guest: Jeff Waller is the owner and President of Production Consulting Group and Integrated Production Solutions, with offices in Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Washington, DC. His companies provide consulting, systems integration and video production solutions. Waller is a television industry professional with 36 years in broadcast television, combined with 25 years teaching at the university level. As a consultant and systems integrator in the live video streaming industries, he's overseen the integration of live video streaming solutions in broadcast television, education, government and the corporate sector.

He has served as an executive producer for High School Sports Production for Comcast/Xfinity for the past 13 years. He's earned two Emmy Award nominations for his work in live sports production. He has served on panels for numerous organizations, such as the National Association of Broadcasters, Broadcast Education Association and the Digital Media Arts Association.

Image: Vox Optima