Planning, Planning, Planning

Contingency and crisis planning

Is your business or organization ready for the inevitable? Do you have a plan in place when bad news, the latest disaster, or other unfortunate turns of events, focus directly on you? Even if the answer is "yes," this episode of "The Brand Ambassadors" is specifically built for you.

Co-hosts Merritt Hamilton Allen and Gary Potterfield spend this episode digging deep into the trends and current events - such as the #metoo campaign used to increase awareness of sexual assault and harassment and advocate for victims speaking out  - to help listeners understand how quickly a bad situation can go to worse if you are not prepared with a response plan. 

They talk about the need for a strong, internal information messaging, proactive and positive employee training, differing approaches to contingency and crisis planning, what goes into an effective contingency plan, having a well-trained CEO spokesperson who can demonstrate effective corporate social responsibility, and how to quickly implement your plan when the worst happens. Merritt and Gary also outline how Vox Optima and its legal partners can help businesses without in-house counsel or PR staff implement appropriate HR strategies, build HR crisis contingency plans, and train your workforce on preventing a hostile work environment.

Contingency planning is a must for any business, and Merritt and Gary explain how to be proactive and how to avoid looking reactive and flat-footed in the era of instant social media fallout.

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.

Image: Pixabay