2017: The Year in Public Relations

PR winners and losers for 2017

Public relations 2017 was a tumultuous year filled with dozens of major PR events that impacted society and the news cycle. If it wasn't Hollywood and political icons falling from grace over accusations of sexual harassment or assault, then it was the almost weekly political and social battles being waged on social media and news outlets. It was definitely a rollercoaster of a PR year!

So it's only fitting that The Brand Ambassadors wind up 2017 with hosts Merritt Hamilton Allen and Gary Potterfield take an in-depth look back at how the biggest PR happenings unfolded and what were the real effects. From disaster relief, to corporate scandal, to Hollywood blowing up over #metoo, The Brand Ambassadors will be picking their public relations and crisis communication winners and losers in communication for 2017.

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.

Image: Pixabay