Building a Brand Ethos - It's Personal

Creating employee brand ambassadors through authentic internal communication

Do your employees champion your business or do they simply clock in and out? Are you actively reaching out to them to ensure they understand all the nuances of the company? Are you building your own brand ambassadors?

In this week's episode of The Brand Ambassadors, hosts Merritt and Gary  continue their analysis and discussion of workforce engagement and motivation by welcoming guest Jeffrey Candelaria of Konnection Now. The panel talks about getting the most from internal communication activities by exploring how to demonstrate executive commitment, foster employee buy-in, and drive improved operations through authentic communication.  They will also offer clear and actionable insights from Jeffrey who helps businesses get the most from their employees by deploying authenticity and action. 

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.

Jeffrey Candelaria

This Week's Guest: Jeffrey is the owner of Konnection Now 03 LLC, a branding and business marketing & training company.  Konnection Now 03 focuses on deploying authenticity and action predicated on you the individual or your business as a distinctive brand. Having generated more than $50 million dollars in direct sales by using the principles of trust, distinction, commitment and performance, Jeffrey is recognized as a proven business leader and a valued resource in Albuquerque.  His presentations and training sessions are also available online via 

Jeffrey was recognized by Business First 2015 as one of the “most connected” people in Albuquerque.  Jeffrey has produced, coordinated and hosted more than 300 business events, including one of New Mexico’s largest “Black Tie” gala banquet events - “Noche Encantada.” Jeffrey produces a monthly professional network exchange, ABQ Konnect Now. Jeffrey is also the producer of the seminar series, The Elephant Isn’t Just a Transaction. Jeffrey can be reached at Facebook or by email.

Image: Pixabay