Scaling the Federal Vertical


So, everyone in the company is on the same page, and each employee’s personal brand fits the corporate brand like a glove. Great! All you have to do now is turn that brand goodness into a big, lucrative government contract.


In this week’s episode of The Brand Ambassadors, Merritt Hamilton Allen and Gary Potterfield will attempt to scale the Federal Sales Vertical. To guide them on their climb will be Kevin Mahoney, CEO of Sanctum Federal and blogger-in-chief at In his more than 25 years of Federal IT sales and marketing, Kevin has learned that success in the Federal sales vertical requires both a clearly defined plan and honest to goodness interpersonal relations. With more than $127 million in revenue generation, when Kevin talks, The Brand Ambassadors listen.

To check out the full show, you can listen to it by clicking here.

This Week's Guest:

Kevin Mahoney

Kevin is the CEO of Sanctum Federal. He has managed and built both commercial and Federal sales organizations throughout his 25 years in this business. He served in the U.S. Navy for six years before starting his sales career. He went from pre-sales engineering to executive director of commercial sales before selling exclusively to the Federal market with start-ups companies. It was in that role that Kevin developed his strategy, methodology and processes for building a federal sales vertical.

Additionally, he served as a vice president of business development, sales and marketing at a system engineering and technical assistance contractor and reseller. Kevin led seven successful software and hardware start-ups and achieved dramatic revenue growth in four others. In all, he realized more than $127 million in revenue generation in U.S. federal information technology. You can reach Kevin via emailTwitterLinkedIn, and his other website at Sanctum Federal.

Image: Pixabay, Creative Commons CC0