The Brand Ambassadors - How Data Drives Your Brand

Data drives a strong and effective brand ...

How well is your brand performing? Do you really know what your customers and audiences want or how they feel about your brand? What are you doing to find out?

In an article last year, marketing blogger and speaker Mitch Joel listed a number elements that go toward making a brand really great. In his 14-point list, almost all of them require a strategic and focused program of data collection and analysis to achieve their goals.  And he adds that a little luck might be involved, but most of your insights will come from social media and website analytics, polls, surveys, and other data collection and measurement tools.

Engaging with customers and audiences is just one way brand can gather data and communicate.  In this episode of The Brand Ambassadors, Merritt and Gary welcome back University of Memphis professor and social media consultant, Kim Marks Malone, to discuss how polls, surveys and other data collection methods can serve as ways of outreach to brand constituents. The panel also dissects how these data collectors can also provide brands with the insights and metrics to understand their audiences’ needs, what their values are, and the level of confidence and trust they have in the brand.  

This episode is packed with insights for brands looking for tools, tips and case studies that show them how to use data to strengthen and expand their brands.  Kim brings out examples of data-driven branding from the students she advises at the university's student-run strategic communication firm, Meeman 901 Strategies.  There’s lots to talk about, so don’t miss a minute.

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.

This Week's Guest: 

Kim Marks Malone

Kim Marks Malone is an accredited PR professional, a retired Navy public affairs officer, a part-time PR consultant, and a full-time public relations and journalism professor at the University of Memphis. A promoter of PR professional development in the academic environment, Kim serves as the adviser for the university's student-run strategic communication firm, Meeman 901 Strategies.

Kim enlisted in the Navy in 1986 and was commissioned as a public affairs officer via Officer Candidate School in 1996. In her last Navy assignment, she commanded the Navy Office of Community Outreach, the only grassroots-level public affairs command in the Navy. She also managed issues on the Navy's National News Desk, led the public affairs team aboard the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Nimitz (CVN 68), oversaw communication for Navy operations and programs, worked overseas, and with submarines.

Kim retired from the Navy after more than 28 years of service and settled in East Memphis. When she's not teaching public relations, she's busy helping Memphis small businesses and nonprofits. Kim can be reached on emailTwitterLinkedIn, and Facebook.

Image: Pixabay