The Brand Ambassadors - Natural Disasters & Crisis Communications (AKA The End Is Near!)

FEMA spokesperson

Despite all the planning and preparations, natural – and man-made – disasters are difficult for communication and public information professionals to manage.  They are faced with helping first responders do their jobs, informing the public and keeping them calm, and getting the right information out that supports public safety and possibly evacuations.  The Kilauea volcanic activity on the island of Hawaii is a classic example.

In this episode of “The Brand Ambassadors,” Merritt and Gary explore the challenges faced by corporate, military and government communicators face when Mother Nature decides to remind humanity who’s really in charge.  They are joined by Christian Gearheart, Vox Optima’s digital communication and imagery specialist, who reaches back to his days working with the U.S. Forestry Service as a public affairs specialist.

Christian highlights to Merritt and Gary that the greatest success comes with detailed response and contingency planning that incorporates social media, news media and other sources that can get emergency management messaging out.

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.

This Week's Guest:

Christian Gearheart

Christian has been working with Vox Optima since 2008 and is a primary digital communication and imagery specialist. Before joining of Vox Optima, Christian served as a journalist in the U.S. Navy and with the U.S. Forestry Service as a public affairs specialist.   Christian helped lead Vox Optima’s entry into digital signage and other digital-out-of-home display technologies and strategies.  He also assisted with developing the communication strategies, messaging, and distribution plans for a number of Vox Optima’s digital signage clients. Christian can be reached via email at