The Brand Ambassadors - Branding Your Nonprofit


In the world of nonprofits, there are similarities to the marketing and branding efforts of their commercial counterparts.

Similar, but not exact.  

In this week’s episode of The Brand Ambassadors, Merritt and Gary welcome public relations and branding expert, Jack Chirrick, to investigate the methodologies of branding and marketing for nonprofit entities.  Using his extensive background in public relations, community outreach, and media relations, Jack explains how the concepts of marketing and branding tend to get mixed up and misused … especially when it comes to nonprofits. The panel talks about how an organization's focus should be on how marketing serves as a tactical element of the larger branding strategy.

Jack also covers how nonprofits must have a clear vision, a solid personality, know who their audiences are, have measurable objectives and goals, and have a well-defined understanding of the effective and consistent use of the brand.

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.

This Week's Guest:

Jack Chirrick

Jack Chirrick is the principal of Now You Know, a marketing communications company working with nonprofits and small to mid-sized for-profit corporations to help them develop sustainable communication activities that support their business goals.  With more than two decades of strategic communications and leadership experience, Jack adopts an integrated marketing communications approach by aligning PR, marketing, and advertising activities across multiple channels to create brand consistency and cohesive messaging to build strong relationships with target constituencies.  Previously the regional director for Operation Homefront, Jack is starting up his own communication business with the vision of combining his nonprofit, leadership and communications expertise to help companies build positive and lasting relationships with stakeholders. Jack has a master’s in journalism and mass communication from Kent State University and a bachelor’s in English from National University. Jack can be reached via email or on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Image: Pixabay, CC0 Creative Commons