Planning a Fundraising Campaign for Nonprofits


What does it take to successfully plan and execute a campaign or an event? When should you begin? Who needs to be involved and how do you divide responsibilities? How do you measure success? All questions faced by solopreneurs, large corporations, government agencies and nonprofit charities.

This week on The Brand Ambassadors, Merritt and Gary welcome Gino Colombara, executive director of the Southeastern Virginia Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, to discuss campaign planning and stakeholder engagement. Gino has been organizing events to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research for more than 20 years and will outline the planning and campaign development that went into his chapter joining with 600 communities nationwide for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s fundraising event September. Gino will discuss what it takes to make these events a success, both locally and nationally. He will also discuss changes he’s seen in outreach and stakeholder engagement.

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.

This Week's Guest:

Gino Colombara

Gino Colombara has proudly served as executive director of the Southeastern Virginia Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association for the past 23 years. His involvement with the Association is a direct result of being a caregiver for his father who had Alzheimer’s disease. His service has helped the chapter grow while raising awareness about Alzheimer’s disease throughout the community. The honorary recipient of the Virginia Beach Human Rights Commission 2001 Human Rights Award for support of human rights programs in the community, Gino is proud to serve families who are navigating through the daily challenges of Alzheimer’s while continuing to spread a message of hope for a future without Alzheimer’s.

Gino holds a bachelor’s in journalism from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh and a masters in human resource training and management from Boston University.  Gino served for eight years in Italy as a U.S. Navy broadcast journalist. Gino can be reached via his email address or through the Association's website.

Image courtesy of the Southeastern Virginia Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association.