Branding Your Passion

This will be our first remote podcast, airing live from the Rust Is Gold coffee and antique shop in Albuquerque. Not many of us are able to turn creativity into a successful commercial enterprise. Enter Steven "Fenix" Maes, musician, artist, filmmaker and motorcycle enthusiast.

A veteran of the music and film industries, Steve has brought one of his passions to life: cafe racer motorcycles. His documentary on the cafe rocker, "Caffeine and Gasoline," to be released later this year, is already receiving acclaim. The film has also engendered a new enthusiasm in Albuquerque for all things vintage, and Steve is meeting that demand with Rust Is Gold - a coffee shop, antique market and gathering place dedicated to all things vintage.

Merritt and Gary will talk to Steve about how he transformed a hobby into a documentary, and the documentary into a new local business.

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.

This Week's Guest:

Steven Maes

Steven Maes is an award-winning art director, graphic artist, and audio producer. Having directed music videos and television commercials for a number of years, he has turned his creative sights on documentary film production. He is an Art Director’s Guild Award-winner and has designed iconic images for Emmy Award®-winning productions including Breaking Bad, and the Academy Award-nominated® film In The Valley of Elah. Steven is a member of the Art Director’s Guild Local 800 Los Angeles and holds a bachelor's in media art and communications from the University of New Mexico.