Public Relations

The Brand Ambassadors - Bringing Your Media Interview 'A-Game'

Getting your message out cannot be limited to owned media and advertising alone.  To get your story in front of your audience means talking to and developing relationships with reporters and other members of the Fourth Estate.

But when it comes to talking with the media, are the people who represent the face of your company ready for those interviews? Do they understand the nuances of giving an effective interview or how to avoid the traps that some interviews can present?

2017: The Year in Public Relations

Public relations 2017 was a tumultuous year filled with dozens of major PR events that impacted society and the news cycle. If it wasn't Hollywood and political icons falling from grace over accusations of sexual harassment or assault, then it was the almost weekly political and social battles being waged on social media and news outlets. It was definitely a rollercoaster of a PR year!

The Brand Ambassadors - Where The Jobs Are

This week's show focuses on the Millennial job seeker who's interested in developing a promising career in public relations, journalism or communication. Hosts Merritt and Gary will talk with Kim Marks Malone, public relations and journalism professor at the University of Memphis and the adviser for the university's student-run strategic communication firm, Meeman 901 Strategies.

All university students home for winter break, parents of same, and job seekers need to tune in to this show to learn who is hiring whom and for what.

The Brand Ambassadors - Expanding Your Brand

Growth is great, right? Sometimes, companies grow right past the products and services they started out with. And then it's hard to explain what exactly your company does.  Merritt and Gary will explore the importance of building the right kind of brand for your business and why such efforts are marathons, not sprints. 

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