The Brand Ambassadors - Digital Signage and Your Brand

Every time technology brings us new ways to communicate, marketing and public relation pros have found ways to integrate that tech into their strategies for getting messaging in front of audiences. Today we turn printed books into audiobooks; lectures and TEDTalks become podcasts, videos, and blog posts; and the range of options is limited only by imagination and audience preferences.

The Brand Ambassadors - The Beer Show

In this episode, Merritt and Gary take a deep dive into branding campaigns that everyone can get behind - beer! Joining them is beer advertising legend, Bob Lenz, who created the famous sunset “Miller Time” campaign for Miller High Life Beer and the even more popular “Tastes Great, Less Filling” campaign for Miller Lite, which ran for 20 years and established the light beer category in the U.S. It has been voted to be the 8th best campaign in advertising history.