campaign development

The Brand Ambassadors - Building Social Media Campaigns

In many episodes of The Brand Ambassadors, the topic of social media has been discussed to varying degrees and the importance it plays with audience outreach and engagement.  This week, Merritt and Gary welcome Kristelle Siarza, the founder and CEO of Siarza Social Digital, to break down the elements of a good social media campaign.

Content Marketing Campaigns and Measurement

Whether your business is small, medium or large, an effective content marketing strategy is an essential element of getting your company and its message noticed.  But what is content marketing? How do you develop a workable, practical content marketing strategy? And how do you know if it is working for you or not?

The Brand Ambassadors - The Beer Show

In this episode, Merritt and Gary take a deep dive into branding campaigns that everyone can get behind - beer! Joining them is beer advertising legend, Bob Lenz, who created the famous sunset “Miller Time” campaign for Miller High Life Beer and the even more popular “Tastes Great, Less Filling” campaign for Miller Lite, which ran for 20 years and established the light beer category in the U.S. It has been voted to be the 8th best campaign in advertising history.