corporate culture

How Economics Impact The Business Brand

Let's face it -- the bottom line of business is usually its bottom line.

Whether you are a small-business "mom and pop" company or a medium- to large-sized corporation, economics impact all aspects of your operations, your employees, your shareholders, and your brand.  And how you and your company respond to the changes in the economic environment - for the good or the bad - affects your brand.  Be it stability, corporate social responsibility, or other factors, you have to consider economics as a key player in your brand. 

Building Your Brand Culture From The Inside Out

Some of the strongest brands out there were built from  the inside out. The brand is part of the corporate culture and the biggest ambassadors for the company are its employees. That's where businesses and their customers get the greatest return on investment -- by making true believers out of the employees.

Andrew Barlow of Overflow Communications joins Merritt Hamilton Allen and Gary Potterfield this week to tell listeners how to imprint their brand on their corporate culture. Brands begin from the inside out - your employees have to know the culture and brand values to relay them to you customers.