Wilderness Ridge Lodge And Golf Course – Public Relations & Media Outreach


Wilderness Ridge is a premier facility for golf and dining in Lincoln, NE.  With incredible scenery, magnificent facilities and a great location, Wilderness Ridge offers an inviting destination for people who live in Lincoln and elsewhere.

The weak economy nationwide has had an impact on the hospitality industry and Lincoln is no exception.  Wilderness Ridge had traditionally spent a great deal of money buying advertising in the Lincoln market.  Ads ran on TV in a seemingly random pattern and newspaper advertising was frequent but with little strategic thought.  The company’s website was not effective and there was no social media presence.

Wilderness Ridge management sought to improve visibility through public relations.  Vox Optima could help by developing a plan to engage community groups, attaining media coverage of key events and producing articles featuring the Wilderness Ridge golf course and restaurant.


Early in the process Vox Optima encouraged the Wilderness Ridge general manager to become engaged with local communitygroups and support causes that would increase visibility with groups that could take advantage of the exceptional facilities Wilderness Ridge has to offer.

Vox Optima prepared articles and media releases spotlighting such Wilderness Ridge features as the restaurant’s chef, developed what has become an annual event supporting military children in the community and assisted with the planning of a statewide golf celebration featuring the governor of Nebraska.

Vox Optima coordinates media coverage of these high-visibility events and plays a role in the planning process to ensure media coverage of these activities.


Wilderness Ridge continues to increase visibility and stature in the community. The Salute to Military Kids golf clinic has improved every year and receives outstanding media coverage.  Improvements on the golf course and in the restaurant are highlighted in articles and stories released to media and posted on the Web page.

Vox Optima’s ability to find innovative approaches to developing successful events which appeal to potential clients, build goodwill in the community and generate media coverage have been an important element of Wilderness Ridge’s communication strategy.