There are many great reasons to pick Vox Optima, but here are some of the best ones:

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    Ok, so every company says they have the “most talented” people in the business and their employees is what sets them apart from every other company. Obviously, no one person is alike, so people are what makes one company different from another. At Vox Optima, we truly are a unique group of individuals ready to serve your needs. We will not claim to be the best, nor the “most talented” but we are committed to teaming with our clients and strive for actionable results.

    We are made up of former military public affairs professionals as well as commercial journalists and marketing specialists. We are strategists, writers and counselors, as well as providers of dynamic communications and marketing products, with a focus on effective messaging strategy.

    Our staff includes premier educators, who taught communications professionals the fundamentals of public affairs and print and broadcast journalism, to media analysis experts skilled at creating and fostering dynamic media training programs for their clients. We are certified Defense Acquisition University instructors and former broadcast journalism instructors for the Defense Information School (DINFOS). Below are some highlights of our team:

    • Two out of three Vox Optima employees are Veterans.
    • More than half of our staff holds a Masters degree.
    • 100% of our staff have Secret or higher clearance. More than 1 in 4 have a Top Secret clearance.
    • One out of three employees has overseas experience in the last five years.
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    Our client list speaks volumes. Vox Optima’s portfolio includes work with a wide range of clients, including many top federal and state government agencies. Secondly, Vox Optima offers full-spectrum communications support. We do it all, from strategic communications planning, news writing and media outreach, to social media campaigns, print and online publications, dynamic digital signage, website content and design and professional photography and videography. We bring distinctive experience in the development, integration and distribution of communication campaigns and products for both commercial and government clients. Our experienced national team has worked for diverse clients and issues with international visibility.

    Vox Optima has developed and managed strategic communications programs, designed to inform and educate a diverse range of audiences that include stakeholders, customers, employees, public and foreign officials, business leaders and the general public about clients’ programs and activities. A classic example of our full range of support is the communications planning, training, marketing services and media relations services we provide Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA). Vox Optima’s communications planning and marketing efforts have ranged from communication of key messages from leadership to a broad NAVSEA audience to promotion of key engineering initiatives to the fleet and maintenance activities throughout the Navy. Additionally, Vox Optima provides communication outreach support to numerous other clients. Vox Optima has proven success in branding, communication outreach and engagement, multimedia support and publication management for federal government and commercial clients.

    Our key discriminators include:

    • First firm sought out and contracted by the Navy Chief of Information to provide executive counsel, outreach and exhibit support.
    • First firm to offer digital signage as a part of an integrated marketing communications strategy to a Navy command.
    • Only firm offering real-world media and strategic communication training to Navy’s operational fleet.
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    It all comes down to the final dollar. Since Vox Optima has a great deal of experience in the communications realm, we have a detailed appreciation of the effort some projects take. We are a proven, trusted firm, capable of keeping pace with delivery requirements while being vigilant in the protection of the client’s budget.

    Vox Optima is a highly responsive, customer focused, proven government contractor with conservative financial practices. Our ability to respond to customer demands, while providing superior, innovative services at a reasonable price is a result of the owners and managers conservative financial practices. The end goal is ultimately cost savings for our clients while exceeding expectations and never cutting corners.

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    Vox Optima believes in working smarter and harder, but not at our client’s expense or our professionals’ job satisfaction. We take advantage of technology to connect our geographically dispersed workforce so that they may work as a cohesive unit just as if they were in the same office, but might live where they choose, or where the customer is located. This allows Vox Optima to offer additional reach back support to our highly talented and skilled communication and marketing experts.

    As a small business, we have the ability to respond quickly to the needs of our clients – avoiding the endless paperwork “baggage” of most other firms.

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    Guess Vox Optima would not be here if we did not offer results to our customers.

    Just some of the results we have attained for our clients includes:

    • Doubling media attendance and coverage for a large trade association conference by proactively reaching out to various media outlets.
    • Preparing senior military leaders for speaking engagements.
    • Communicating milestones and accomplishments to a large industrial audience via digital signage.
    • Receiving a nomination for a NAVSEA Excellence Award and a National Association of Government Communicators (NAGC) Blue Pencil first place award winner.
    • Rendering technical information into easily understood, market-friendly press releases.
    • Coordinating with public affairs staffs on both coasts to ensure message alignment on sensitive topics

     Please see our case studies for examples of results we can achieve for your organization.