Better Nebraska Association Media Relations


Better Nebraska Association hired Vox Optima to assist with its awareness campaign designed to educate the public about the need for improved roads and create support for a legislative bill being reviewed by the Nebraska State Legislature designed to allocate funds from a nominal increase in the gasoline tax to fund road repairs and construction.

Nebraska is a conservative state that usually opposes high taxes and government spending.  One of the states with a balanced budget, Nebraska has a strong desire to keep taxation at a low level for its residents.  Any new or proposed increased tax is perceived as undesirable, especially with the economic challenges facing the public recently.


Vox Optima developed and distributed media releases outlining the Better Nebraska Association’s position.  Additionally, media relations efforts were crafted that directed people to the Better Nebraska Association website by highlighting an essay contest for citizens to describe a personal challenge they encountered on Nebraska roadways.  The winning essay writer received $1,013.00 — the amount the average citizen pays each year as a result of poorly maintained roads

Vox Optima’s message management and media relation efforts created several media opportunities for the Association’s leadership to speak with broadcast personalities.  One key interview was conducted with a radio host in Nebraska’s capitol city during the week the road tax-funding bill was being debated by the Legislature.

In addition to securing the interview, Vox Optima provided media training to the Better Nebraska Association executive who was being interviewed, offering vital background research and communication approaches prior to the interview.


Through well-researched and effective media strategies, Vox Optima developed a media communication program that explained the Better Nebraska Association’s position and garnered more attention from the Nebraska media and the state’s general public.  Our team marketed press releases, secured client media interviews and provided expert media guidance to the Association’s leadership.  This was done at modest cost to the association with maximum results as the bill supported by the Association ultimately passed the legislature.