The Media, Public Relations Strategist behind the vision of Vox Optima

The strategists behind the vision

The Media, Public Relations Strategist behind the vision of Vox Optima

The strategists behind the vision

Merritt Hamilton Allen - Strategic Counsel, Executive Coaching at Vox Optima

Strategic Counsel, Executive Coaching

Merritt Hamilton Allen

She’s an entrepreneur, advocate, strategist, and (artificial) redhead. Merritt’s straight-up and honest approach to life has defined her professional reputation (sometimes, even to her benefit). It also punctuates her ability to lead a crack team of public relations, media production, digital signage, and crisis communications professionals.



Gary Potterfield

Gary has a wide range of experiences. That’s a polite way of saying he is … experienced. Before joining Merritt in launching the Vox Optima, LLC. adventure, he was a master chief journalist in the U.S. Navy, back when the Navy had such things. Along the way, he wrote a lot, shot a lot (photos and videos, not bullets), and talked a lot. He has been a reporter, disc jockey, news anchor, newspaper editor, media trainer, speechwriter, filmmaker, broadcasting instructor, documentary producer, and a few other sundry jobs.


Gary Potterfield - Handles Visual Information Production at Vox Optima

Business Development and Contracting

Jonathan Bozek

Jon is an accomplished U.S. Marine Corps veteran who has spent the majority of his career in the information technology industry. He has a unique way of finding opportunities, building relationships and turning them into successful business partnerships.

With a firm handshake, a dash of humor, and unwavering integrity, Jon approaches every interaction with a commitment to authenticity and excellence. He understands that building trust is crucial in the business world and goes above and beyond to deliver exceptional results for his clients.

In his hometown, you might spot him at various schools, enthusiastically cheering on his children as they participate in different activities. As a passionate soccer coach for the high school, he instills his knowledge and love for the sport into the next generation.


General Counsel, Manager

Darrell Allen

Darrell is a recovering attorney who maintained a solo practice concentrating in federal criminal defense and employment law for almost 30 years. His wife eventually recognized his across-the-board brilliance and hired him to be Vox Optima, LLC.'s general manager in July 2020. Darrell is a 1985 graduate of the University of Virginia, earning a bachelor’s in English, and a 1988 graduate of The West Virginia University College of Law, earning his juris doctoris degree. He likes Pink Floyd, military history, and the Owner and Executive Director.


Darrell Allen - General Counsel, Manager at Vox Optima

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