Gary Potterfield - Managing Director, Operations

Gary has a wide range of experiences. That’s a polite way of saying he is…experienced. Before joining Merritt in launching the Vox Optima adventure, he was a master chief journalist in the Navy, back when the Navy had such things.

Along the way he wrote a lot, shot a lot (photos and videos, not bullets) and talked a lot. He has been a reporter, disc jockey, news anchor, newspaper editor, media trainer, speechwriter, filmmaker, broadcasting instructor, documentary producer and a few other sundry jobs.

So what makes Gary tick? Finding innovative ways of doing business. Sometimes it works (moving Vox Optima to the Google cloud before “cloud” was even a thing). Sometimes it doesn’t work (making all Voxers communicate via Google Hangout. “Google what?” you ask. Exactly.).

Back to things that worked. In 2008, Gary realized that something called digital signage could be a very effective communications tool for corporate communications. He has helped several Vox Optima clients incorporate digital signage into their communications plans.
When not engaged in all things Vox Optima, Gary and his wife Anna, divide their time between Maryland, Sicily, and Texas, where the Potterfield daughters reside.

You can reach Gary via email or on social media at TwitterLinkedInInstagram and Facebook