Laura Lakeway - Photographer, Visual Information Specialist & Senior Communications Analyst

Laura Lakeway

Laura brings more than 30 years of photographic experience to the Vox Optima team. Originally trained as a photojournalist, she also managed a gallery of photography in Boston for many years. She’s a former National Geographic photo editor who understands the storytelling impact of photography. Although Laura never served in the military, both her father and brother were Navy pilots.

Her photographic efforts support the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters and their large international workforce. The photographs are published in a bi-monthly newsletter, used online and on social media, as well as in digital signage.

A Rhode Island native, Laura’s passions are old family photos, cats, and live music. She’s even traveled internationally to attend concerts. Her concert photography has been published by her favorite recording artist, Patti Smith.

You can connect with Laura via email and on Instagram.