Maciek "Magic" Wozniak - Consultant

Many people look, but Maciek sees. He has a unique gift to recognize micro expression and we use him occasionally as a walking human lie detector. He has more than 25 years of professional experience in the military serving in both diplomatic and NATO assignments.  He is a retired Colonel and pilot who occasionally still keeps his head high in the sky writing poems and producing short family movies.  But as Mr. Wozniak has long demonstrated the ability to conduct complex operations with multiple partner countries throughout Europe and the United States, we let him “fly his desk” from time to time.

His ability to master the language and negotiation nuance required for the economic, logistics, IT and financial practices were key to his success in paving the way for the first US forces to be stationed in the territory of the Republic of Poland.  Working as a diplomat for the Polish Embassy in Washington, DC, he was responsible for ensuring that the procurement, sourcing, supplier development, supply chain and logistics procedures within the Polish and US aerospace and defense industry were accurately carried out.  

Maciek was key to the early Polish Armed Forces modernization programs and a central figure in advocating the advancement of Polish industry suppliers and providing opportunities for strategic partners.  As a liaison officer, Maciek was also responsible for promoting the Polish military industry in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Thailand, the USA and Ukraine.  In his last diplomatic position, he served as an expert in end-to-end supply chain for Poland as well as all phases of development, and production programs to include the F-16 offset program.  Maciek was selected as a member of the IPT group for Polish F-16 and C-130 development of NATO Multinational Corps North-East where he gained a strong understanding of Foreign Military Sales. 

Maciek is fluent in Polish, English, German and Russian. He has a master's degree and post-graduate education in management, journalism, and public relations. He also holds a degree in aeronautical engineering. Maciek is skilled in European Union (EU), Eastern European and U.S. Military Trade practices and norms to include offset research, planning and execution, as well as, financial analysis and reporting. Represented the Ministry of Defense establishing offsets for 48 F16s Block 52+ with technology exchange and multiple industry product or plant placements.

During his military career as a diplomat, public affairs specialist and Air Force spokesperson, he wrote more than 400 articles to both Polish and international magazines, prepared reports, press releases, presentations and served as a key advisor and translator to the Commander of the Air Force Academy and Commander of the Polish Air Force. 

Maciek loves to perform magic tricks for his three kids, occasionally entertaining his work colleagues as well. 

You can reach Maciek via email at