Naval Reserve Force Command – Publication Development & Management


The Naval Reserve Force Headquarters Public Affairs Office needed a high-quality magazine highlighting not only command statistics and leaders, but also the efforts of 65,000 Reservists deployed around the world in service to the Navy – including on the front lines of the war efforts.

Vox Optima’s was hired to produce a glossy 32-page magazine-styled product that would not only inform a general audience, but also provide key metrics and data to important Navy, Defense Department and federal stakeholders during formal and informal briefings – all on a tight budget.


Vox Optima brought in several decades of printing, editing and publication management experience, and placed Rachel O’Sullivan as the project lead.  As a Reserve senior chief, Rachel’s extensive contacts within the Reserve community were instrumental in contacting key players, dividing the diverse work of Reservists into features, and serving as a “translator” to ensure the rest of the Vox Optima team knew what the client wanted.

Vox Optima researched imagery archives to ensure the highest quality photographs of Reservists in action were presented in the publication. While imagery searches were underway, other team members brainstormed on how to marry up key themes with the organization of the magazine in order to meet the goals of the project.  Vox Optima personnel rewrote copy provided by the client to communicate complex themes simply.

Vox Optima’s company design partner, Karin Palmquist of the Palmquist Group, began designing the look of the magazine – clean, modern and featuring dominant, high resolution art. After getting the client’s approval of the design approach and plan, Karin began populating pages with completed text and images. Regular updates have been provided to the client. The project is proceeding toward final approvals and publication.


When the client makes final approvals, Vox Optima and the Palmquist Group will make edits and send smooth files to the printing company for production.  The Reserves will then have a magazine to distribute around the world, delivering their message to internal and external audiences – a concise symbol of the work of thousands.