Norfolk Naval Shipyard – Digital Signage Content Management


Vox Optima serves as content manager for a 25-screen digital signage network at the Norfolk Naval Shipyard. A Vox Optima communications specialist works with the shipyard public affairs office to take command messages, convert them into more than 40 new multimedia elements each week, and display them throughout the shipyard. In addition to creating digital signage content, Vox Optima also creates schedules, programs the network software, and serves as the client’s subject matter expert on this new communications tool.


The Norfolk Naval Shipyard needed to improve communication with its diverse workforce of more than 9,000 industrial and office workers, Sailors assigned to ships undergoing maintenance at the shipyard, and contract and government organization employees.  NNSY identified digital signage as one technology to assist in meeting this challenge, and contracted to have a network of 25 large high definition screens installed throughout the shipyard. The contract also provided digital signage software (Cisco Digital Signs) to schedule and display multimedia content on the screens.

NNSY contracted with Vox Optima to develop and execute a plan to launch and then provide content management for its digital signage network and was tasked with the following:

  • Creation of digital signage content policy and procedure.
  • Creation of a tailored digital signage content schedule.
  • Launch of a professional content creation/content management system.
  • Sustained digital signage network management.


Vox Optima began with a needs assessment based on a review of existing communications products and meetings with stakeholders. Our experience at NAVSEA Headquarters proved to be a major timesaver. We modified existing forms, policies and procedure documents to fit the specific needs of the shipyard. This allowed us to focus attention on identifying and training a full-time local content manager, creating content and preparing for launching digital signage on a new network and untested software application.

Specifics of this pre-launch effort included:

  • A comprehensive digital signage schedule and execution plan
  • Creation of a brand (NNSY Access) for the network and identification of appropriate RSS feeds and subscription content
  • A scheduling and management workflow that integrated digital signage into existing public affairs processes
  • Adaptation of the workflow to fit the requirements and limitations of the network hardware and software
  • Creation of still and motion content templates and evergreen (no fixed deadline) elements
  • Establishment of a library of unique still and/or motion elements sufficient to sustain a full week of programming prior to “go live” date.
  • Creation of sufficient new elements each week to sustain four weeks of content on the NNSY digital signage network

Despite significant restrictions and timeline constraints, cooperation between both parties enabled the Vox Optima-NNSY team to launch the digital signage network on time and to sustain a large, complex digital signage network on daily basis.  Vox Optima’s success was due to its highly adaptable work model. While one Vox Optima employee serves as the content manager for the network, at any one time two or more Vox Optima employees collaborate for training and content creation support.

NNSY Access is now a robust digital signage network, providing employees with a constantly refreshed stream of command information, including safety messages, weather advisories and traffic updates.  Vox Optima’s next step is to conduct an efficacy analysis of the network using one of the digital signage industry’s top consultants. We believe this is essential to ensure the network meets the client’s communications needs.