Social Media Management

Online content is becoming a conversation with audiences rather than an ad. It's storytelling.

Vox Optima assists clients with storytelling through conversational engagement and multimedia content.  Vox Optima video production capabilities provide essential tools for video vignettes, branding videos, online interviews and an array of informational content featuring subject matter experts, influencers, etc.  We can provide social media posting services, as well as personal blog assistance and video channel content and promotion.

  • Social Media Strategies and Online Presence Development
  • Third-Party Content Research and Posting
  • Social Media Ad Campaigns
  • Social Media Profile / Company Pages Development and Maintenance
  • Blogging Content Development
  • Visual Content Development
  • Podcasting and Video Podcasting Development, Scripting, Pre- and Post-Production
  • Infographics, Photography, etc.
  • Client Content Monitoring and Assessment
  • Metrics and Measurement

Social media is also about listening.  Monitoring and managing what’s been said and what’s being said is essential.  Whether it’s managing media relationships or navigating the constantly changing world of social media, Vox Optima strategists will find the right combination to meet your goals and budget.