The Brand Ambassadors - Branding Through Social Media Communities


Part of developing a strong brand involves knowing your audiences and having a reliable outlet for credible, authentic communication.  Well-branded organizations put a lot of work into developing lines of outreach to clients, consumers and others through a number of methods that can include traditional and digital newsletters, email marketing, events, webinars and the list goes on.  

However most marketers and PR pros will tell you that despite its current issues and challenges today, social media still reigns supreme for developing and building a community of individuals looking for what your organization has to offer.

Social media community building as a branding tool is the topic for this week’s episode of The Brand Ambassadors, as Merritt and Gary welcome Shannon Foote, the director of public relations for Stroller Warriors®, a military-focused running club dedicated to supporting fitness programs. Its 44 chapters worldwide host weekday morning runs and various other fitness-related activities, such as strength training, dance, yoga, and weekend long runs.  While original membership was primarily military spouses, the clubs welcome all ages, ranks, genders, service branches, children, family, and friends.  

The group is also very community-oriented through its fundraising events designed to give back local communities, the military, children, survivors of natural disasters, and more. Their efforts have provided food, clothing, and supplies to naval hospitals, the USO, orphanages, women's shelters, and survivors of disasters.

Stroller Warriors

As the organization’s PR director, Shannon explains how the group started with founder Stephanie Geraghty and three others back in 2010 and then used mostly word-of-mouth,  the occasional paid media campaign and social media marketing to an online community that engages with its more than 15,000 members -- and general public audiences -- with photos, posts, news and other content. 

This is definitely a don’t-miss episode if you want to learn how to build a brand from the ground up and the social media tactics to make it an international success.

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.

This Week's Guest:

Shannon Foote

Shannon Foote has been a dedicated member of Stroller Warriors® Running Club since its infancy at Camp Lejeune. Stroller Warriors, a free running club for military spouses and their families, was just a year old when Shannon joined its ranks in 2011. Inspired by the enthusiasm, camaraderie, and philanthropic spirit of the Camp Lejeune chapter, Shannon founded the China Lake chapter of Stroller Warriors in 2013. Since that time, Shannon has also served as a coordinator for the Camp Lejeune chapter.  As one of ten individuals on the Stroller Warriors Global Headquarters team, Shannon aids in the management of 100 chapter coordinators worldwide who bring the joy of Stroller Warriors to life for their 15,000 global members. Stroller Warriors uses the power of social media to organize all their events from weekly local chapter runs at each of their 44 locations to large global fundraising and charity support efforts.

Shannon manages the club’s website content and public social media presence, promoting daily weekday postings to engage and encourage their members. When she is not touting the benefits of Stroller Warriors for military spouses, Shannon can be found running the trails of Camp Pendleton.  Shannon and Stroller Warriors can be reached on email, LinkedInFacebook and Instagram.