The Brand Ambassadors - Strategically Realistic


Successful people - whether they are in public relations, finance, business startups, government and so on - will always tell you their success depended on having a solid strategy.  However, a lot of them won’t tell have realistic and practical their strategies were. Absolutely every endeavor needs a strategy, but how many of those endeavors built a detailed, overly comprehensive strategy that immediately went into a bookshelf somewhere, never to be seen again.  

Yeah, you need a strategy, but what good is a great, comprehensive strategy that can't be implemented with the resources you have available? You need a strategy that actually works toward your goals and objectives.

In this week’s show, The Brand Ambassadors, Merritt and Gary, are joined by Vox Optima’s executive communication consultant,  Denise Deon Wilson, to take a deep dive look at the practicality that goes into strategic communication as well as how brands can use this realistic strategy to develop a workable, scalable plan that brings integrated communications to a brand and its messages.

Together they will discuss how defining achievable core goals and objectives, scaling tactics to meet them, developing the implementation and measurement tools to create appealing traditional and digital campaigns across a wide spectrum of communication outlets.

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.

This Week’s Guest:

Denise Wilson

Denise Deon Wilson is a skilled professional in the field of public affairs and has led communication strategies and campaigns for some of the top programs in the Department of Navy.  After completing more than 27 years of service as a DON civilian GS-15 Public Affairs Officer, today she is a Vox Optima team member supporting client programs in executive communication projects.  

Denise is proficient at supporting diverse industries including the aviation, logistics, information technology, and cyber warfare. She has a proven record of delivering spot-on strategic communications plans, is a recognized leader, collaborative team member and trusted advisor to senior-level leadership.

Throughout her career she has enjoyed supporting her clients however her heart will always belong to the Navy’s F/A-18 program.  Maybe that is because she met her husband, a Boeing guy, while serving as the Super Hornet PAO. You can reach Denise via email, Twitter and Instagram.

Image: Pixabay, CC0 Creative Commons