The Brand Ambassadors - Rise of Independent Newspapers

Independent newspapers are on the rise ...

Any chance you have a newspaper subscription?  Best guess – no, you don’t.  The changes in the business of journalism and the operations of newspapers has changed radically during the last couple of decades and certainly with the advent of the Internet and social media.

In this week’s episode, Merritt and Gary talk about the changes affecting the world of print journalism.  They explore why newspaper newsrooms have been shrinking, how many large metro newspapers are part of huge corporate publishing chains, and what the positive and negative impacts of digital publishing have had on local small independent newspapers.

For this episode, they are joined by independent newspaper editor-owners, Leota Harriman of the Independent News and John-Henry Doucette of the Princess Anne Independent News. Leota and John explain how their publications operate, developing digital newspapers, and coping with the steep learning curve of business management and publication distribution.

It’s an excellent episode for journalists, PR pros and editors looking to tell compelling local and regional stories, to understand independent news outlet needs, and to microtarget your message.

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.

This Week's Guest: 

John-Henry Doucette

John-Henry Doucette has worked at newspapers in New York and Virginia. He began his writing career as an enlisted journalist in the U.S. Navy. After earning his master’s degree in creative writing, John began teaching English at Old Dominion University until he launched The Princess Anne Independent News in April of 2015. His goal was to provide a source of news for communities in the Virginia Beach, Va., and Knotts Island, N.C., regions. In 2017, The Princess Anne Independent News was recognized for its coverage of agriculture by the Virginia Beach Excellence in Agriculture Committee and earned three Virginia Press Association awards for writing and photography. John can be reached via email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Leota Harriman

Leota Harriman

Leota Harriman is the owner, editor, and publisher of The Independent newspaper, a small community weekly covering central New Mexico east of Albuquerque and south of Santa Fe. She is first vice president of the New Mexico Press Association and has served for several years on that board. Leota started at The Independent as office manager and worked through nearly every position at the paper on her way to the top. An employee buyout of The Independent in 2010 led to her current ownership. Leota is passionately dedicated to old-fashioned journalism and wholly convinced of the importance of newspapers to democracy. She works with young people through internships, sponsors groups and events around the community, and advocates for local business. Leota can be reached via email, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

Image: Pixabay Creative Commons CC0