The Brand Ambassadors - What Goes Into Imagery for Business - Part 1

The Brand Ambassadors at the National Harbor Studio

The strength of one’s brand lies in its ability to demonstrate its capabilities, communicate successfully with customers and stakeholders, and display personality and authenticity. And according to recent studies, there is certainly no better way to accomplish all of this than through visual information.

For these reasons, traditional and digital marketers continue their trends toward visual content in hopes to cut through the ever-growing competition for consumer attention. In 2016, more than 51 percent of business-to-business marketers made visual content creation the priority for their campaigns. The trend continued as 74 percent of social media marketers consider visual content essential for their campaigns.

To make sense of visual content importance, Merritt and Gary start a two-part series about the impact of visual information on brands on The Brand Ambassadors. They start with still imagery and call on photographic experts John F. Williams and Laura Lakeway to help explain the artistry and communication impact of visual imagery.

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.

This Week's Guests:

Laura Lakeway

Laura Lakeway brings more than 30 years of photographic experience to the Vox Optima team. Originally trained as a photojournalist, she also managed a gallery of photography in Boston for many years. She’s a former National Geographic photo editor who understands the storytelling impact of photography. Although Laura never served in the military, both her father and brother were Navy pilots.  Her photographic efforts support the Naval Sea Systems Command Headquarters and their large international workforce. Her imagery is published in a bi-monthly newsletter, used for online internal communication, on social media, and in digital signage. A Rhode Island native, Laura’s passions are old family photos, cats, and live music. She’s even traveled internationally to attend concerts. Her concert photography has been published by her favorite recording artist, Patti Smith. You can connect with Laura via email and on Instagram.

John F. Williams

John F. Williams is a full-time photographer and Navy veteran with experience working in the government and private sectors documenting news, lifestyle, commercial, and corporate assignments for use by both internal and external audiences around the world. He is a contractor for the Office of Naval Research, creating still and video products documenting how science, innovation, and cutting-edge technology benefit Sailors and Marines.  Prior to that, he was a photo editor and multimedia producer for Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc.

He constantly strives to produce creative, honest and marketable photographs that will best tell a story, foster brand awareness or convey his clients’ message. John also served as an adjunct professor for eight years, teaching graduate and undergraduate photography courses at Temple University in Philadelphia. His greatest joy remains just taking pictures, discussing photography, and especially sharing what he’s learned on his website and social media channels. You can connect with John via email, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube and on his blog.

Image: Scott Webb