Vox Optima Returns to "The Line" Discussion Panel

Our executive director and owner, Merritt Hamilton Allen, returns to the New Mexico In Focus’ The Line panel along with host, Gene Grant, director of state operations and Common Cause, Viki Harrison, New Mexico Political Report reporter, Andy Lyman, and The Albuquerque Journal reporter, Dan McKay, to discuss several issues facing the state …

The Brand Ambassadors - Building Reporter Relationships

The world today is getting noisier and louder every minute.  

The Internet adds content for public consumption every second and it all competes for the attention of all kinds of audiences. In other words, your message has to be engaging and interesting or it’s going to be drowned out.  You have to have a great story to tell.

The Brand Ambassadors - What Goes into Imagery for Business Part 2

In December 2017, Wyzowl, a video production company, conducted its annual state of video marketing study for a snapshot of video’s importance in marketing and branding.  Some of its key findings include:

The Brand Ambassadors - What Goes Into Imagery for Business - Part 1

The strength of one’s brand lies in its ability to demonstrate its capabilities, communicate successfully with customers and stakeholders, and display personality and authenticity. And according to recent studies, there is certainly no better way to accomplish all of this than through visual information.

The Brand Ambassadors - Branding Your Nonprofit

In the world of nonprofits, there are similarities to the marketing and branding efforts of their commercial counterparts.

Similar, but not exact.  

The Brand Ambassadors - Trends in Reputation Management

Lately, it seems no company or prominent figure can stay out of the harsh spotlight of public scrutiny. As audiences become more and more polarized, the knife's edge that businesses and organizations have to walk become sharper and thinner.

Growing trends of employee gaffes, outrage against public figures, and debates over governmental policies are giving businesses and organizations lots of unwanted attention. They also are leaving many CEOs, business owners and even seasoned political leaders, wondering how things went south and what actions will set things back on course.

The Brand Ambassadors - Rise of Independent Newspapers

Any chance you have a newspaper subscription?  Best guess – no, you don’t.  The changes in the business of journalism and the operations of newspapers has changed radically during the last couple of decades and certainly with the advent of the Internet and social media.

In this week’s episode, Merritt and Gary talk about the changes affecting the world of print journalism.  They explore why newspaper newsrooms have been shrinking, how many large metro newspapers are part of huge corporate publishing chains, and what the positive and negative impacts of digital publishing have had on local small independent newspapers.